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Guiding Principles

We value our time and reputation above all else.

If we're working on an independent sponsor financing, it's because we believe in the opportunity and feel like we can add value.  We would prefer to work on fewer, high-quality opportunities with a high degree of success, than take on every transaction we see.  We strive to give quick, thoughtful feedback, even if we aren't the best solution.

Life is too short.

We like to work hard, have fun and surround ourselves with other talented groups and individuals with the same love of life and high standards of professionalism.  

We are focused on building relationships.

Even though we work on transactions, we're in the relationship business.  Trust and mutual respect mean the world to us.  We work tirelessly to become an integral partner with the sponsors and investors we work with for the years to come.

Alignment is essential for everything we do.

When everyone is working towards a common goal and team members are properly incentivized, teams can accomplish more together and failure rates are reduced.  Whether it's our success-based engagement structures or the types of clients and capital partners we surround ourselves with, at ACP, we've tried to create alignment with everyone around us. 


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